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GINOP-3.1.2-8.2.4-16 - Supporting the marketing and entry of products and services for global markets produced by micro, small and medium-sized enterprises in the infocommunication sector.

GINOP-3.1.2-8.2.4-16 is a tender opportunity for companies operating in the infocommunication sector that contains non-refundable subsidy (max. of 40%), reduced-rate loan (max. of 50%) and it can be applied for when self-sufficiency (min. 10%) is ensured. 

The amount of the support is 2 to 40 million HUF, the amount of the loan is 2.5 to 50 million HUF.  

Application could be summited as: 

A company established in Hungary which:

  • Has two fully closed business years

  • Has in the last closed year, the number of employees is at least one person

Companies that have received support within the confines of GINOP-1.3.1, could not participate in this one.

Deposit: it is possible to request deposit which can be the maximum amount of 50% of the full financial support.  

Order of settlement: one-time, ex-post

GINOP-2.1.6-16 - Supporting the development of exportable innovative products for innovation-driven export expansion.

The aim of this Call is to urge the competitiveness, R&D and innovation activities of domestic enterprises in order to increase the product, technology and service development activities of innovative enterprises, which can lead to the development of exportable and marketable products, services and technologies to increase corporate R&D&I activities.

Financial support in advance: 5 Billion HUF.  The non-refundable part of the support is 200 to 450 Million HUF .


The application can be fulfilled by micro, small and medium-sized enterprises that fully comply with the eligibility conditions of the Call:   

  • which has at least two closed (supported by a report/PIT) completed (365 days) business years (the period of time as a pre-company does not matter),

  • whose annual average statistical headcount was at least 250 in the last full business year before the submission of the application,

  • which has its registered office in Hungary or is located in the European Economic Area and has double-entry booking

  • which is not a member of the Hungarian taxation called EVA.

  • the annual net income of the last closed and completed business year prior to the submission of the support was at least HUF 15 billion and at the most HUF 50 billion,

  • at least 50% of its total income in the last complete business year before the application has been realized on exports;

  • the number of consolidated (domestic and foreign combined) employees was at least 250 and at the most 3 000 in the last full business year, closed before the application.

​Applications for the financial support can be submitted from 1th of June, 2017 to 1th of June, 2019.

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